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We undertake research on behalf of clients and conduct our own research into areas related to the transition to a sustainable future.

This year’s Global Sustainable Investment Review 2022 is the sixth in a series of biennial reports mapping the state of sustainable investment in the major financial markets globally.


This research was conducted on behalf of the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) 

Click here to download the report.

In August 2023 we launched our report on the Just Transition away from coal: From Theory to Action: Implementing a Just Transition in rural Australia. 


Our six month research project, which included on the ground interviews, is based on the town of Collie in Western Australia. Collie is in the process of transitioning away from coal-fired power and holds valuable lessons for other towns, regions, and nations wishing to implement their own Just Transition. 

Click here to download the research report.

Links to Research Reports & Blogs

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