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We began collating our thoughts on a future worth living in by saving photos and cut outs in scrap books; making notes in margins of books we've read and amassing a forest in our bookcase.  Some of the posts here are thoughts from us, others are a collection of ideas and stories from thinkers elsewhere. It's a work in progress and your contributions are welcomed.


Our hope is that in 2030 we can look back and see that we took the path towards creating a future worth living in.

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September 2023

Global warming is projected to rocket past the 1.5°C limit, throwing lifelong activist Andrew Boyd into a crisis of hope, and off on a quest to learn how to live with the “impossible news” of climate breakdown. With gallows humor and a broken heart, Andrew steers us through our climate angst as he walks his own. This flowchart is an invitation to join him on his narrative path and explore our predicament on your own.

Image by Bjorn Snelders

July 2023

This report from the Scottish Land Commission makes recommendations to Ministers on the need for stronger regulation of land, nature and carbon markets at this critical point of land use change in Scotland. Scotland’s concentrated land ownership combined with a largely unregulated land market is a serious challenge to the Just Transition.

Image by micheile henderson

July 2023

This guide covers the case for climate leadership by Ministries of Finance, a framework for mainstreaming climate into their core functions and capabilities, and priorities for action. It is aimed primarily at Ministries of Finance but is designed to be useful to anyone seeking to better understand the role of these ministries in driving climate action.

Image by tom coe


June 2023

A Planet Tracker research paper exploring why investment managers are voting against biodiversity proposals and whether engagement over divestment is a misleading proposal from asset managers. 

Image by Backroad Packers

June 2023

To address the biodiversity crisis, it is necessary to establish a legal, policy, and regulatory framework that will give both supply-side and demand-side market actors the confidence to scale their investments in biodiversity at the necessary pace.

Image by Paz Arando

May 2023

This report lays out 10 guiding principles for achieving just food system transitions. It explores their implications in terms of desired outcomes, planning and decision-making processes, systemic changes that may be needed, and tensions that must be managed.

Image by Elena Pollen

May 2023

This publication provides a compilation of country-driven strategies and best practices on economic diversification and transformation and just transition of the workforce and creation of decent work and quality jobs.

Image by Lukas Blazek

March 2023

10 years after the first Rate the Raters report, ERM has bought out its latest survey of how investors and companies rate ESG raters and their services. The findings reveal ongoing evolution in the ESG ratings space, with the landscape becoming more complex at the same time as ratings become more important to investors and corporations.

Image by Maria Lupan

March 2023

This report from Friends of the Earth outlines offshore workers' concerns about being left behind by the energy transition and 10 demands for a Just Transition in the UK.

Image by Bernd Klutsch

March 2023

Carmen Nuzzo and Sixtine Dubost explain the difference between ESG in credit ratings and ESG ratings, and in turn, the difference between different ESG ratings. This is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the various ratings agencies.

Image by Maxwell Ridgeway

February 2023

WWF's report on how businesses can incorporate nature into their transition plans, and the benefits this can bring to businesses, as well as the biodiversity and climate crises.

Image by Janik

February 2023

IGCC's report on challenges and opportunities in the transition to net zero emissions and the important role investors must play.

Image by Anne Nygård

January 2023

This report from AFME and EY explores how financial instruments could be used for nature restoration.

Image by Saffu

January 2023

Planet Tracker's report on different greenwashing strategies and how to recognise them.

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